As a business owner, I can honestly state that I am thoroughly satisfied with the improvements and expansion I’ve seen in our company since training my staff with the principles taught in Breaking The Code. In just a few short weeks while training my staff part-time on this book, our sales have increased by 26% and our total “deals closed” ratio has increased by 50%.

One salesperson increased her personal sales by 400% and became the top producer in the entire network of companies with which we are affiliated. She’s now regularly producing in one day what she used to do in an entire week and she has time left over to help the other salespeople as well.

My employees are finally operating as a happy team with high morale and a genuine sense of responsibility for the whole company. It is fun to see the morale in the office going up and I have learned to appreciate each person more than ever before. Overall, our group is doing great! I attribute our recent expansion and success to having trained our staff on Breaking The Code and would recommend this book to all business owners who are seeking similar results. If they read this book and apply what they learn, they should have the same success in their businesses that I’ve had in mine. – M.O., business owner