Table of Contents

Here are the subject headings and chapters covered in Breaking the Code.

Increasing Understanding & Discovering One’s Power

  • Chapter 1: The A-R-C Triangle (Affinity, Reality, Communication. The keys to inter-personal relations.)
  • Chapter 2: The K-R-C Triangle (Knowledge, Responsibility, Control. The keys to personal competence.)

Basic Organization

Products and Exchange

The Use of Statistics

  • Chapter 11: The Conditions: Non-Existence and Above
  • Chapter 12: The Conditions: Below Non-Existence
  • Chapter 13: Reading Statistics
  • Chapter 14: Targeting Of Statistics and Quotas


  • Chapter 15: Battle Plans
  • Chapter 16: Coordination

Office Efficiency


  • Chapter 21: The Design af Ethics
  • Chapter 22: Rewards and Penalties
  • Chapter 23: Ethics Reports

Successful Performance

  • Chapter 24: Duties of an Employee
  • Chapter 25: Providing Good Service
  • Chapter 26: Professionalism


  • The Conditions Formulas
  • Developed Traffic Summary List


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