About the Book

Every day in the news we are bombarded with reports of business failures and epidemics of financial ruin. It is downright staggering.

The problems in the world of business, the recurring lack of ethics, rampant greed and seemingly endless incompetence have spread to affect the daily lives of countless millions around the world.

One has to ask the question: “How can this be?” We hear reports daily of incompetence, criminality, stupidity and unethical actions by some of the “best trained” business minds in the world. Well, if these people were truly trained in the real basics and knowledge of business and organizational management, why were they unable to foresee and take care of the problems they caused? Why were no sensible answers brought to the forefront?

One answer is that maybe there is some mysteriously missing element in management as taught today. Maybe it is not just one missing element…

The Missing Element

Breaking The Code: The Mysteries of Modern Management Unlocked contains the answers. The materials in this book have been developed over decades of research and experience with organizations. The principles are simple, usable and, if applied, work.

The fact of the matter is, any failure of any organization, company or enterprise can be traced to a lack of knowledge of or failure to apply the principles covered in this book. End of story.

Breaking The Code: The Mysteries of Modern Management Unlocked is derived from the administrative technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

In addition to the inclusion of materials from Mr. Hubbard’s published works. Ravenwood Management Group has provided illustrations, examples and editorial comments to aid the reader in achieving full understanding of the concepts presented. This book is designed specifically for ease of application in any type of organization.

There is no reason under the sun that your company cannot flourish and prosper — even in “this economic climate.” All you need are the right tools, and the tools you need are in this book.

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