About Us

Ravenwood Management Group (RMG), an organization dedicated to the professional training and personal enhancement of business owners and employees worldwide, began operations in 1992 writing policy and procedure manuals and providing editorial services to companies of all kinds.

RMG published its first book, Basic Hat for Employees: The Key to Increased Production & Efficiency, in 1994. A perennial bestseller in continuous publication for 15 years, it is a compilation of articles written by L. Ron Hubbard covering fundamental principles of the administrative technology that he developed.

It was even part of the externship curriculum for accounting graduates of the University of South Africa for more than a decade.

In 2010, RMG launched an online training course based on the Breaking The Code (BTC) book. Countless students have successfully completed the course, which is monitored in real time. Since then, we have added eight modular courses based on the BTC book, as well as the following courses: Keys to Successful Employment, Small Business Success Course, The Admin Scale Course and Mastering the Five Steps of Successful Selling.

The BTC book was released in Spanish in 2014 under the title, El Manual de Estrategias para Empleados (The Manual of Strategies for Employees). It is a verbatim translation of Breaking the Code and is available for purchase on this website.


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