Why Aren't We Making Progress?

Have you ever felt like you’re just not making any headway at all in business? — that for every one step forward, you go two steps backward? This is not uncommon….

What's the next step?

Did you know there are specific, step-by-step formulas that can guarantee not only the survival of your business, but make it thrive?

How do we really get organized?

You hear phrases all the time like, “You need to get organized” or “You need to work smarter, not harder.” But no one tells you how!

Why Aren't We Making Progress?

Have you ever felt like you’re just not making any headway at all in business? — that for every one step forward, you go two steps backward? This is not uncommon. It is a symptom of a very dangerous organizational disease called “refer-it-to-the-next-guyitis.” Actually, we just made that up. But there actually is a common problem in business that can easily rob a company of two-thirds of its income and productivity due to wasted time and wasted effort. Frazzled nerves and sleepless nights are symptoms of this disease.

You may catch a glimpse of how bad this can get when you go to a government office for a simple task that should take all of 5 minutes to complete and you end up spending hours, or even days, being referred from one desk to another for what amounts to nothing but a waste of time. Count the number of salaries involved and you’ll see how expensive this could get if the organization in question is a private company!

How do you recognize this disease in your company? How do you cure it?

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What's the next step?

Did you know there are specific, step-by-step formulas that can guarantee not only the survival of your business, but make it thrive? It’s true!

Breaking the Code contains the full description and proper use of those formulas. If you read and apply just that data from this book, you will have surpassed the benefits one typically attains from a formal business education. You’ll never look at business success or failure the same way again.

Imagine knowing exactly what to do next in any set of circumstances. Sounds pretty empowering, doesn’t it?

It is. The fact of the matter is that these tools alone can take you from being the effect of your environment to being causative in the running of a business, the management of a simple job or project or even a household.

Managing Success

OK. You’ve got a business that’s doing great. Well done! But you should know that there are even specific steps to help you maintain and continue the expansion — safely! The period when a company starts doing well is oftentimes when many people start making mistakes. And this is also when mistakes can have a greater negative impact on the business. “What do I do now?” is a question that’s even more vital to answer correctly when things are going well.

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How Do We Really Get Organized?

You hear phrases all the time like, “You need to get organized” or “You need to work smarter, not harder.” But no one tells you how to do it!

As you probably know, there’s a lot more to organizing a company than drawing a chart.

What’s the most efficient and cost-saving way of getting your products made or services delivered? Who is going to work for whom and, more importantly, why? There can be as many questions about how to organize something as there are organizations.

The solution lies in the underlying principles of organizing ANYTHING!

As with most subjects, there are few workable ways to do things and an infinite number of unworkable ones. This book contains tools to help you figure out the workable, sensible ways to get organized. And it’s simpler than you think…

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Breaking The Code: The Mysteries of Modern Management Unlocked

This book contains the answers to the “mysterious” and seemingly unsolvable problems of successfully managing any business or organization. The materials in this book have been developed over decades of research and experience with organizations. The principles are simple, usable and, if applied, work!



All-Around Improvement

Implementation of the technology contained in Breaking The Code has made the office a better place to work for everybody. We have already started to implement some basic organizational systems. I have better communication with my office manager, employees and patients. I have seen an increase in my employees' responsibility levels toward each other, the patients and the office. They have a more positive attitude toward their jobs and are more ethical in doing their jobs. We are reaching our goals and have a pleasant place to work at the same time. – R.G., DDS

Employees are happier and more responsible

As a business owner, I can honestly state that I am thoroughly satisfied with the improvements and expansion I've seen in our company since training my staff with the principles taught in Breaking The Code. In just a few short weeks while training my staff part-time on this book, our sales have increased by 26% and our total "deals closed" ratio has increased by 50%. One salesperson increased her personal sales by 400% and became the top producer in the entire network of companies with which we are affiliated. She's now regularly producing in one day what she used to do in an entire week and she has time left over to help the other salespeople as well. My employees are finally operating as a happy team with high morale and a genuine sense of responsibility for the whole company. It is fun to see the morale in the office going up and I have learned to appreciate each person more than ever before. Overall, our group is doing great! I attribute our recent expansion and success to having trained our staff on Breaking The Code and would recommend this book to all business owners who are seeking similar results. If they read this book and apply what they learn, they should have the same success in their businesses that I've had in mine. – M.O., business owner

Organization is finally starting to win out over chaos!

Already I feel much more efficient in my job! I put programs from this book into the offices and have seen great improvement. The materials we have studied are great tools for all of us to use to become more organized and productive. The morale of the staff is on its way up. The efficiency of each staff member is getting much better. Organization is finally starting to win out over chaos! We are now monitoring our statistics daily. With the help of the office managers, I am now able to see an overall change in how we handle statistics when we see even a slight fall – we handle them immediately. And, as a result, I get to report good news to the owners! It is such a relief to have such great employees who are willing to follow those principles. I enjoy working with all of them more than ever now. – A.F., Manager of 5 Dental Offices

It’s Not Just a Book

This book is not just a book. It is a guide to managing one's way to success, with tools for not only administration but interpersonal relationships, which is very important since all organizations are made up of people. Also, the book is well illustrated and written in such a way as to clearly and easily convey the tools of the trade to anyone! — S.T., Consultant

From an Educator…

I’ve used Hubbard Administrative Technology during my 30 years as an educator to solve productivity problems, as well as everyday life situations, for both my students and the employees in the organizations for which I worked. This usually necessitated my spending hours in the library searching for the applicable references. Upon reading Breaking the Code, I was struck by the fact that this book contains all of the fundamental technology from the innumerable references I had used on a regular basis with my staff and students. The comprehensive data is presented logically and in a flawless format. The thorough index ensures that the reader will lose no time looking for the exact reference he needs to solve a problem. The book also provides detailed examples, photographs and illustrations that help the reader grasp the concepts. On a final note, in my opinion this is one of the most aesthetic business books ever published. — B.C., Educator

Tested and Timeless

Unfortunately, in these times, small businesses truly face unprecedented challenges, unpredictable costs and unfair advantages for the much larger, less-efficient "bailed out" industries. Markets change fast and technologies or jobs become obsolete in a time span measured now in quarters, not decades.  Fortunately, Ravenwood's Breaking the Code provides tested and timeless organizational tools that give the small business owner a chance to consistently improve all areas of his organization. Highly Recommended. — GA, Independent Film Producer


Finally! Someone wrote a business book that applies to anyone who works for a living. This book is easy to read and the concepts are presented with plenty of examples to ensure that the reader gets it. Add to that an extensive glossary, a comprehensive index and illustrations that tell the story and you have a book that no executive or employee should be without. Whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, someone entering the job market for the first time or anyone in between, you will find that Breaking The Code is an indispensable guide for achieving limitless success in the workplace.  — H.W., entrepreneur

Exactly What is Needed

This book is exactly what is needed for the improvement of the knowledge and skill of any business owner and all his/her staff. I have seen many books in this genre. This one gives the real tools and, especially, the exact real-life examples that bring about an applicable understanding. Want to improve your production and profits and build a better team? Get and use this book! — C.F., CEO.